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Optec LED luminaries utilize an efficient thermal management system that promotes cool operation assuring maximum useful life.  The open-air, flow-through design allows heat captured by patented independent heat sinks to quickly dissipate rather than being trapped in the housing.  Additionally, the vented flow-through power supply enclosures are separate from the LED light engines, eliminating compounded heat build-up.






Electrical Specifications

  • Open Air Flow Through Housing and Discreet LED Heat Sinks Promote Efficient Thermal Dissipation for Cool Operation
  • Color Temperature: 4000K or 5000K (Other Color Temperatures are Available Upon Request)
  • Easily Accessible High Efficiency Power Supply
  • Light Weight, Low Profile Aluminum HousingLong Life Durable Powder Coat Finish Custom (RAL) Colors are Available Upon Request
  • I P65 Rated (Wet Listed)
  • Useful Life 80,000 to 100,000 Hours
  •  - L70 Projection is 60,000 hours based on components (LED's)
  • - LM-80-08 test data using TM-21-11
  • Full Cutoff (Meets IDA Criteria)
  • CRI = 70
  • Operating Temperature -40C (-40 F) to 55C (131 F)
  • Power Input: 120-277 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Factor: >95%
  • THD <20% at Full Load
  • Surge Suppression 10kV
  • Photocell or Wireless Control (Optional) (For other control options please contact Optec)
  • Optional 347V or 480V

Test & Certifications

  • ETL Listed
  • UL Standard 1598 & 8750 and 1012
  • CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and No. 250.0
  • LM79, LM80
  • RoHS Compliant


  • 5 - Year warranty (Parts or Replacement)

Performance Specifications

Note: Net delivered lumen values are based on 600mA operating current.

* Per TM-.1 ?-11-Fo􀁏 more information on the IES B.U.G. (Backlight/Uplight/Glare) Rating

please v1s1t www.1esna.org/PDF/Erra􀁐􀁑s/TM- .l S- l l ,Bu9.RatingsAddendum.pdf. Ratings

only apply to fixtures pos1t1oned 1n the horizontal plain (no tilt).

Lighting Performance

Photocell Specifications

Published luminaire photometric testing performed to IESNA-79-08 standards

Dimensions, Weights & EPA Ratings

For dimensions, weights and EPA ratings on wattages not listed please contact Optec.

Ordering Information

1. Series

OLWP2 = Optec LED Wallpack

2. Size / Wattage

020 = 20W

030 = 30W

040  = 40W

050 = 50W

060 = 60W

3. Voltage

UNV= 120-277V

347 = 347V

480 = 480V

4. Color Temperature

40 = 4000K

50 = 5000K

5. Distribution

3 = Type Ill

6. Mount

SM = Surface Mount

7. Finish

WH = White

BZ = DK Bronze

BL = Black

SL= Silver

CC= Custom Color

8. Controls / Options

DM = 0-10V Dim

WC = Wireless Control

BP= Button Photocell

* Photocell Default= Fail in "ON" Mode (Unless Otherwise Specified)


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