Linear High Bay Series

The OLHB2 Linear Highbay Series is a rugged LED luminaire designed specifically to meet the challenge of evenly lighting medium- to high-ceiling spaces for warehousing, storage and manufacturing facilities  The wireguard option also makes the product ideal for  gymnasiums.  Offered in four sizes and outputs, the OLHB2 LED Linear Highbay replaces HID sources from 175W to 1000W with low glare and wide spacing.   The OLHB2 is first in class in structural integrity.  It neither twists nor flexes during installation.  Choose the OLHB2 with confidence knowing your installation is backed by Optec LED Lighting's 5-year warranty.  Excellent optical performance is achieved with Seoul Semiconductor brand LED’s and engineered discrete optics. All models come standard with 0-10V dimming and an acrylic diffusing lens.  Luminaries are available with a number of mounting options, including a pendent (single mounting point) or adjustable cable mount. High quality durable gloss white paint is electrostatically applied after fabrication.






Electrical Specifications

  • For replacement of 175W-1000W HID Sources, 6-lamp T8, 8-lamp T8, 4-lamp T5HO, 6-lamp T5HO, and 8-lamp T5HO Fluorescent sources
  • LED Brand:  Seoul Semiconductor
  • Color Temperatures:  4000K and 5000K
  • CRI: 80+
  • Lumen Maintenance: L70=50,000 at 45˚ C
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40˚C to 45˚C
  • Durable electrostatically applied paint finish
  • Mounting Options: Adjustable aircraft cable or pendent mounting (Select PM Option with single stem by others)
  • Damp Location Listed
  • Two Universal Voltage Driver Options: 120-277V and 347-480V
  • Power Factor > 0.90
  • THD < 0.85
  • Control Options:  0-10V Dimming Standard (Occupancy Sensor Optional)

Test & Certifications

  • UL1598
  • RoHS Compliant
  • DLC Premium


  • 5 - Year warranty

Performance Specifications

Lighting Performance

Dimensions, Weights & EPA Ratings

Ordering Information

1. Series

OLHB2 = Optec LED Linear High Bay

2. Size / Wattage

110 = 110W

160 = 160W

220 = 220W

320 = 320W

3. Voltage

UNV = 120-277V

UNVH = 347-480V

4. Color Temperature

40 = 4000K

50 = 5000K

5. Distribution

M = Medium

6. Mount

PM = Pendent Mount Kit 1

AC = Adjustable Cable Kit 2

1 Accepts ¾” Diameter Stem

- See OL-PMB Sheet for Details on Pendent Mount Bracket

- Stems, Receptacles & Swivel Plates by Others

2 10’ “Y” Cable Kit with Hook Ends

7. Finish

WH = White

8. Controls / Options

OS = Occupancy Sensor 3

WG = Wire Guard

CS12 = 120V Cord Set (15 Amp) 4

CS28 = 208V Cord Set (15 Amp) 4

CS22 = 220V Cord Set (15 Amp) 4

CS34 = 347V Cord Set (20 Amp) 4

CS48 = 480V Cord Set (20 Amp) 4

3 See OL-HBOS Sheet for Details on High Bay Occupancy Sensor

4 6’ Cord (White) with NEMA Twist Lock Plug

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